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Dr Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell trained in medicine at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.. Her academic qualifications include a PHD (UKZN), M Fam Med (UND), M Med Sci (UND), Dip Pal Med (Cardiff) M Phil (UCT). She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and has been awarded the prestigious Bernard Moran Audit Prize for her post-graduate work in palliative care.

Laura spent many years working as a general practitioner in Scotland, Ireland, Sierra Leone, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. She has worked extensively in hospices and step-down facilities in South Africa, and has been actively involved in NGO funded initiatives for a number of years. Laura has tutored students, professionals and other healthcare workers in a number of fields including TB, HIV/ AIDS, Palliative Medicine, Research Auditing, Quality Improvement and Research Methodology.


·         PhD (curriculum studies- University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Education, 2012) Certain the curriculum; uncertain the practice: palliative care in context 

·         MBChB (University of Aberdeen 1987)

·         Master of Family Medicine (University of KwaZulu Natal 2000) Mini-dissertation: A review of treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in HIV infection.

·         Master of Medical Science (Community Health) University of KwaZulu Natal 2003):  Dissertation: A review of the use lay counsellors and rapid HIV tests in UGU South PROtest TB/HIV Pilot site

·         Master of Philosophy (Palliative Medicine) (University of Cape Town 2003): Dissertation: Symptoms and management of patients with AIDS in Port Shepstone Regional Hospital in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

·         Fellowship Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australia 2007

·         Diploma Mental Health (Queens University Belfast 1993)

·         Diploma Palliative Medicine (College of Medicine University of Wales 2001)

·         Diploma in HIV Management (College of Medicine RSA   2003)

·         Bernard Moran Prize for Palliative Medicine, University of Wales 2003



Supervisor for Masters of Family Medicine, University of KwaZulu.

 Graduates are:

A. Dr Leif Thonell Comparing Fentanyl patches to oral Morpine

B. Dr Azam Exploration of pain in children on antiretroviral treatment in a regional hospital in South Africa

C. Dr Kitchoff The association between depression and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-positive patients, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

D. Dr Awolola. An exploration of pain management in patients with long bone fractures in a district Hospital, South Africa



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Barrie Coppin


Barrie Coppin has 25 years experience in business and consulting. He has a BA the University of Natal and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Barrie has owned and managed a number of businesses ranging including a furniture retailer, an electronics design business and an e-business incubator. Some of the highlights from this are: the sale of a business to a listed company and a joint venture with IBM to develop a secure online transaction environment. He has been employed by a listed company as a divisional director in operations and by consulting firms. The work has included periods in Germany, Namibia and Mozambique.

As a consultant he has worked for and with number of listed and private companies, NGO's and various government departments. These included Anglo-American, Appletiser, Goldfields, KWV, Darbel, US-AID, Namibian Government, Highland Group, Constantia Flexibles, Proudfoot and the SA Dept. of Trade and Industry. This work involved operations improvement, change management, strategic planning, feasibility studies and systems development.

Barrie is responsible for  the day to day operations of HSS and other business functions as well as providing strategic and project management services to HSS’s clients.

Dr Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeill qualified from Pretoria University with a medical degree. Further academic qualifications include a BSc (UND), Dip Anaesthetics (SA) and a M Fam Med (UND).

Patrick has spent much of his career in state service in rural hospitals in South Africa, culminating in an 8 year stint a Hospital and Medical Manager at a 350 bed regional hospital. He has also worked as a general practitioner the UK and Ireland. He currently works part-time at UKZN in a mentorship programme for community service doctors and also in implementing good clinical governance in rural hospitals. Patrick has enrolled in a Diploma in Forensic Medicine and is completing his M Med Sci.

Dr McNeil is primarily involved in training and mentorship services offered by HSS, while his extensive management experience with the Dept of Health contribute to our project support and management.

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